Mould inhibitor


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Wood mould inhibitor
The paint mould inhibitor
Mildew antibacterial agent
Glue mould inhibitor
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ANTI-MOLD BY CATIONMould inhibitor

Independent research and development base mould core technology

Twenty-five years focused on mildew in the field of research and development application,Is the escort of your product

GNCE GOODNICE Focusing on the development and application of anti-mildew and anti-bacterial fields for a long
time, a series of environmentally friendly and efficient anti-mildew agents, anti-bacterial agents, desiccants,
anti-mildew tablets and other products have been developed for the prevention of
Mould inhibitor
Mould inhibitor

Guangzhou jia ni mildew antibacterial technology co., LTD. Original cation mouldproof patent technology,Using cationic mouldproof composition active Package kill mold spores,And make the processed product cationic mouldproof protective layer,Take the initiative to kill come into contact with Mildew and fungus,So as to achieve long-term mouldproof effect,As by customers“Mouldproof the doctor”!

Mould inhibitor

Good nice microbiology laboratory was established2aa000Years,Is the guangzhou ni mildew antibacterial technology co., LTD. Of scientific research and technology Center,2016Years of expansion, In strict accordance with theCNASStandard construction。Mainly engaged in mould research and development、Proof Tide、Antibacterial agent、Mouldproof piece、In addition to formaldehyde mites in addition to product development。


Mould inhibitor Mature and stable mildew antibacterial agent supplier

Even if the product is moldy and restores former appearance of the product and to ensure that no longer mold

Guangzhou jia ni, mouldproof, antibacterial technology co., LTD., long-term focus on the mildew antibacterial in the field of research and development and application,According to different industrial microbiological hazards in the field of prevention and control,Developed a series of environmental protection and efficient mould inhibitor、Antibacterial agent、 Desiccant、Mouldproof piece etc series products,Widely used in leather、Textiles、Bamboo and wood、Coatings、Rubber and plastic、PU、PVC, paper packaging materials, etc。For the leather shoes、Leather goods、Clothing、Furniture、Building materials、 High precision electronic、Sporting goods、Craft gifts and other products in the production、The packing、Warehousing、Transportation and provides the entire sales process Care,Effectively control the risks of all kinds of microorganisms, Gradually formed a set of mature mildew antibacterial solution,Known by the industry“Mouldproof the doctor”。

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Mildew antibacterial solution completely

Free tailored for the enterprise production process optimization scheme completely

Raw material inspection,The risk for mould > The optimization of production,To reduce the mold growth > Sterilization of warehouse environment,To avoid the spread of the mold > The transportation environment of mildew > Mouldproof scheme completely